Issue viewing some course document content Wednesday 29th November 2017 09:15:00

We are working with our provider,, on issues affecting viewing of some course document content. Users affected by disruption will see a message, "This content is temporarily unavailable. Please try later.", in place of the document, until the issue is resolved.

Apologies for the interruption, and are actively seeking a solution.

Confirmation that testing has gone well and all documents are displaying as expected. No further errors have occurred. For any further queries, please contact our Support team.

Course documents are now viewable again, after Box have fixed the issue on their side. We've completed testing, and re-enabled viewing of documents. We're continuing to monitor closely to ensure the Box service remains stable.

As a result of the extended issue, we've already started developing workarounds to reduce the dependency on Box for viewing course documents. Please accept our apologies for the interruption to your course document delivery.

Box are working on a fix, so we anticipate a more positive update shortly. We're standing by to test and re-enable documents as soon as that fix is in place.